9 months ago
Gamescom? panel or not?
So im confused, there is a website

here :

that states the schedule for gamescom, yet overwatch stuff has been revealed in korea.

Blizzard schedule states something completely differen't from all the articles showing what blizzard are doing on the main stage...

I'm confused is there going to be a panel/showcase or whatever on WoW or no?
Community Manager
9 months ago
Gamescom? panel or not?
We do not have a dedicated World of Warcraft panel at gamescom this year as such.

We instead have a series of other activities such as Island Expeditions showcases with 2 top German guilds battling it out, a Battle for Azeroth cosplay showcase, Video Games Live performances featuring a live rendition of the sea shanty from Warbringers: Jaina, and the reveal of Warbringers: Azshara.

Warbringers: Azshara will be shown directed after the Battle for Azeroth cosplay showcase which will be streamed live from 18:15 CEST on Friday, 24th August.

We posted a blog yesterday that covers all the WoW related stuff happening at gamescom this year:
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