6 months ago
Am I just bad?
I don't know why but recently any time I try to tank anything above a +5 mythic it all goes horribly wrong, and I'm not sure if I have just been unlucky with the groups or that I'm just really bad. For example, I just tried tanking a +8 CoS and we didn't even make it past the first boss....

I'm not going to lie, it's making me not want to try tanking any mythic dungeons at all for fear of screwing up and not even realising it, or knowing why things are going wrong. Has anyone else experienced this and can offer any advice? I've been playing since TBC and have never felt like this about 5-man content before.
6 months ago
Am I just bad?
12/08/2018 00:10Posted by Jalisco
being "bad" is part of the process -- it's the point, where everyone starts.
This is true for every aspect of WoW, and life in general to be honest.
It's incredibly rare to try something and be instantly good at it, having the guts and determination to keep trying is what makes the whole difference though.

If you want some pointers, IcyVeins and Wowhead have amazing guides for all classes and specs put together by players who know and play the classes.
I regularly use these guides myself at home when I'm trying a new class or spec (my main has been the same spec since mid-Classic when a buddy of mine taught me the ways of the old Talent Trees).

Keep at it though, and don't ever be afraid to make mistakes, that's how we learn :)
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