1 year ago
Still in Starter Edition
Bought BfA and Game time, how long must i wait to lift the starter edition?
Took today off work to level to 120, PLEASE help me!!!!
Need the 110 boost for a char, can't play until the starter edition is gone
Already cleared cache, restarted pc
Please help a brother in need
1 year ago
Still in Starter Edition
Hey Saccoccino,

while this is more of a payment related issue and not a tech one, the main reason for this to still show you as Starter as the purchase attempt was very recent.
When you make a purchase attempt the money won't get directly to us - it's very very rare case that it's instant - first your bank or whomever you have your account sorted checks, verifies and authorize the payment to be sent. Now that takes time, can be anything from a couple of hours up to the max of 72 hours, you may recall when you make a digital purchase there is a small window warning that state this.

So if its a fresh digital upgrade then please try to be patience on this, there is no way for us to speed this up, if its an older payment attempt then you would be best to contact us via a ticket or webchat to have a look at how that looks.

Hope this helps a bit, I'll move your thread off from Tech.
1 year ago
Still in Starter Edition
Just responding here as well to close the thread, as it has since been sorted.
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