6 months ago
Unable to unlock horde allied races
Hey all.

Im unable to create the horde allied races. I've pre purchased BfA, I am exalted with both Highmountain and Nightfallen and I have completed all quest chains for both factions but when I log onto my 110 horde char, I dont get any quest to start the unlocking of either race. I raised a ticket explaining this but the GM basically told me to figure it out myself, which wasn't nice as I'm really frustrated about this.

Can anyone help?
6 months ago
Unable to unlock horde allied races

@ Jenei Complete the questline for the Battle for Lordaeron scenario and you should be able to start the Allied Races questline. From what I can tell you have indeed completed the requirements!

09/08/2018 08:55Posted by Sorelay

... since I have noticed, even though the achievement is accountwide open ... if the Horde character hasn't completed the requirements .. it isn't unlocked ! :'(

This is a bit inaccurate. You only need to unlock the Allied Races on one character-faction. If you have another 110 character level on the opposing faction, they should be able to start the questlines to recruited Allied Races for their faction.
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