9 months ago
Wow needs an ABUSIVE CHAT ban as Overwatch
As we all get tired of those men of keyboards and their cliche so called insults like "mom" involve things, we need a working report system like other blizzard games have for Abusive chat.

The community has a lot of players who are thinking that they are the best (the truth is completely the opposite.) and they are behaving to others in worst way possible. As a result they are destroying the game for those who are trying to just have fun and enjoy the content.

Even a good behavior is not working for those ignorant players. Cause they are the so called the best. You can't even tell them what they are doing wrong. If you do, they will have a very interesting sexual fantasy with your mother. (I didn't use ignorant as an insult. the situation and actions of those players are called ignorance. knowing nothing, assuming that knowing everything.)

I don't know if it's just a coincidence but most of those ignorant players are playing in Kazzak or Twisting Nether. At least according to my experience.

So what we need is a satisfying banning system like overwatch has. After getting enough number of reports from accounts (not different characters because one mad man can bomb your account with reports.) the account should be silenced. They should not be able to queue to PuGs or chat with anyone except their guild members and battletag friends.

In the mean time there should be a mail send to the reporters that someone got ban after our reports. So we will know reports are not for nothing and keep reporting and try to be nicer in case of a ban.
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9 months ago
Wow needs an ABUSIVE CHAT ban as Overwatch
Locking this as you appear to have made the same thread twice, the other one can be found here:

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