9 months ago
Jaina's Redemption Questline - 10/10
I'm making this thread in the hope that devs etc see this from time to time.

There have been may things over the years that I have loved and hated in the game.
This quest chains ending scenario and cinematic are without doubt one of my favorites.

I was EXCESSIVELY put off by how black and white the opening characterization of Sylvanas has been, but if what I've read is right and this is the work of the new story writer then I DESPERATELY want more.
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9 months ago
Jaina's Redemption Questline - 10/10
I loved this so much! Jaina has long been one of my favourite characters and I felt this quest chain was a fitting reward for finishing the story line chapters in each of the 3 areas.

The cinematic in Thros gets me right in the feels every single time!
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