1 year ago
Account Verification Emails
I keep getting emails to verify an old account of mine (that I never used). These emails all have codes on and I get 2 or 3 sent to me at the exact same time. I've not requested any of these emails.
They are all from Blizzard Entertainment and come from the email
They look super legit but I'm not 100% if they are.

I try to log in to the account on but it says there's no account with that email.

I'm really confused, would be grateful if anyone could tell me what I should do.

1 year ago
Account Verification Emails
Hey CordylĂ­a!

This definitely sounds a little suspicious, especially if the email itself no longer seems to be linked to an existing account. It's very possible this is a "phishing" or scam email trying to trick you, and I would echo the sentiments here to perhaps reach out to our Game Masters with all the details if you'd like to clear this up.

The concept of "phishing" is very well explained in this Support article as well and even has a few tips on how you can check and confirm this for yourself, which you and anyone else with the same concerns may want to check out:
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