1 year ago
Loving BfA, Thank you blizzard!
With all these negative threads going on about. I want to share something genuine.

I've reached level 120 today and the leveling experience was amazing. 2/3 zones I played alone, the last zone I did with a friend and Blizzard really make group effort work! I had an absolute blast leveling and questing. The Island expedition is new but it's pretty fun!

I love how Horde and Alliance both have their own "initial" zone and that you can hope over to the 'other side' to do some stuff there too, nothing major so no -real- need to go there if you don't want that.

I encountered a few bugs but thats to be expected. Nothing game breaking for me though.

Also, I've leveled everything with warmode on. I got ganked a few times but I also ganked a few times back and I feel the real Horde vs Alliance tension and I absolutely love it!

Dungeons are refreshing and I love the new challange, can't wait to push keys.

As this isn't my first time playing at the beginning of a new expansion I know that most people feel "weak". But nothing new from Legion. This expansion is truely awesome and I'm having great fun again!

Thank you Blizzard, you did an amazing job and I'm really happy with this expansion, worth my money!

(Disclaimer, this is my honest opinion. I'm not responsible for your experience nor do I claim that my experience is the only 'true' experience. I respect the people who feel let down, but thats not what this thread is about. Please respect my opinion.)
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1 year ago
Loving BfA, Thank you blizzard!
Hi friends! Just wanted to take a moment to appreciate your... appreciation.

Personally I'm also having a blast, but that's not entirely unexpected ;)

Any favorite zones or dungeons after having the chance to experience a few?
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