1 year ago
Proposed to my girlfriend in WoW last night
Hey all so we are all busy with BFA and I thought I would share some good news. I made a little puzzle along the lines of how the Lucid Nightmare works for my girlfriend to solve. The whole time she thought she was interacting with an NPC because my friend posed as the clue giver. At the end at the final clue I had this piece I wrote pop up for her.

We've journeyed from Helya to Skyhold. We hunted in the plains of Nagrand and sat around the campfire in Frostfire Ridge.
We fought boars, murlocs and even the Burning Legion.
Our enemies taught us that our destinies are our own and friends betrayed us.
Through times of peace and through times of war you were there.
The Orcs have Oshu'gun and the Draenei have the Exodar.
My life would be empty without you.
You were there when no shaman or priest could heal my heart.
You were there when the sky turned dark with the abyss of the Burning Legion looming over us all.
You were there when we lost old friends.
You were there when Illidan taught us the true meaning of sacrifice.
Will you be there for the next war?
Will you be there when hope dies?
Will you be there at the end?
Will you marry me?

WoW means a lot to us so I just had to share this bit of news.
1 year ago
Proposed to my girlfriend in WoW last night
Congratulations Thraugg!

Thanks for sharing this moment with us. It sounds like your adventure has just begun :)

Best of luck to you both!
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