10 months ago
Darkfall Ridge Supplies
So i boosted my druid to 110 and are currently doing argus questline to get the new allied races when ive suddenly stopped because of this quest called Darkfall ridge supplies. I go to the desk and a map just pops up with 4 yellow ! And i dunno what to do? Ive gone to all 4 places and now its just a map. Do i need to explore it all or anything ive got no idea please help.

Dunno if its possible but would you be able to say what quests i need to do thankyou
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10 months ago
Darkfall Ridge Supplies
Hey there Xaveriush,

Darkfall Ridge Supplies is a mission that you have to send your Class Hall Followers out on to complete.

Those Class Hall Followers can be gathered via the Class Hall Campaign on the Broken Isles. It normally starts in Dalaran where an NPC shows up near you and gives you a quest to take you (depending on class) on your first Artifact weapon quest or straight to the Class Hall.

You currently have the first quest of that Class Hall Campaign in your quest log and can find the full quest chain in the comments here.

Good luck out on the Broken Isles, Argus or in Kul Tiras. :)
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