10 months ago
Goldfield's War, major fps drop
So I just completed Goldfields War, with some issues. To the north of him is a tree, where there is 3 casters, and some yellow light circle under a bomb. Every time my camera was looking in that direction, my frames dropped from ~100+, down to ~12.
If i paned the camera slightly away from it, so the tree couldn't be seen, the frames rose again to the ~100+
9 months ago
Goldfield's War, major fps drop
Hey there Audn,

Thanks for the heads-up. I actually ran into this issue myself as well. It turns out that the Grasping Thorn tentacles on the right can occasionally spawn multiple times which is the cause of the performance problems.

Our Development Team are investigating it though. :)

Good luck out in Stormsong Valley!
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