1 year ago
I suspect a bot, can I report?
Hey guys. So I think I've stumbled upon a fish-botter, plain and simple. But is it enough to just suspect someone before reporting them without actually having proof of this in catching them "in the act"?

I base my assumptions on the auction house postings of this guy and the fact that he's been online in Zuldazar for a very long time, without answering my whispers to him (I do not get a AFK-response either).

In scope this player has right now currently posted 100 stacks of Slimy Mackerel in x200 stacks, which is 20,000 fish. They sell for around ~50g EACH so it's pretty lucrative right there. This player also seem to undercut very frequently.

HOWEVER, it's entirely possible that this player just don't want to answer whispers and is just playing the AH with buying other peoples stack and re-selling them for monopoly. The reason I whispered this player was to actually try to get a deal with buying larger amounts to a cheaper than AH price.

So my question, will Blizzard GM's take me seriously if I report this guy and look into him, or do they need PROOF before they actually start investigating? Maybe I'm reporting someone that is all legit, but it's worth a suspicion check anyway?

What are your thoughts?
1 year ago
I suspect a bot, can I report?
Hey there Frayzia,

If you right-click this player's portrait and report him for cheating, rest assured our Game Masters would first investigate the player before taking action (if any).

If it looks like a bot feel free to report it and our team will do the checks :)
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