10 months ago
Unlocking Argus on ALTs?
Needing very specific explanation on how to unlock this.
I Googled it, results saying I need to unlock the Broken Shore questline, and that it is skippable by talking to Kadghar, if you have done the questline on a main, which I have.

I do not know where to go. Kadghar in Dalaran does not have these options.
I do not know where to start, who to talk to and I am feeling really dumb right now.

*This is my main. Could not post using my ALT that I want to unlock it on.

**Found it. You talk to Kadghar in Dalaran. Fresh 110s will have 3 quests from him, choose the last one (as I forgot the name). It will take you to the Exodar, you meet Velen and you board the Vindicaar.
This is the most direct way without doing the whole Broken Shores line.
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10 months ago
Unlocking Argus on ALTs?
Hey there Jitraa,

A point of confusion may be that the starting quest to go to Argus (The Hand of Fate) used to automatically pop up when a character was eligible for it. That is no longer the case now that Battle For Azeroth is live; you will have to speak with Khadgar in the Violet Citadel instead.

Before he offers The Hand of Fate quest, he will want you to unlock the Broken Shore zone which is done via the Broken Shore scenario. To complete (or skip ^^) that you can speak with Khadgar again, though at Krasus' Landing in that case.

Have a look for him there first as from what I can tell, you have completed the initial requirements of unlocking World Quests.

Good luck!
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