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[H] Mythics - Calm Keystones
Hi, I have played wow for 11 years now and am 40 years young. I am now looking to relax and take things easy as rl is stressfull enough!

I miss the good old community in wow, the days when you had to actually talk to each other to make groups.. people needed one another.

I'm seeing a trend of people being declined for mythic+ or they list their own key and people won't join :(

Well I am now switching to playing a Brewmaster Monk, (Naiyani Draenor) and now I feel like a newbie as I have always played dps.

I want to get a little project running where I help people gear up and get to experience mythics and mythic+. All I need is a willingness to listen and come on the ingame voice chat. Once your confidence has grown, you may feel like you have outgrown what I offer and that is fine with me. (I have zero interest in doing high keys atm).

Maybe some others here would like to also join me in reaching out to people who never get a look in?

Anyway I don't mind if you have never done a single mythic, or how long you haven't played the game.

Looking forward to meeting some new friendly, patient people!

Anna :)


Feel free to join a new community - Calm Keystones (Horde) we are cross realm :)

Whisper Reshkiya or Warmother for inv!


If you are looking for an Alliance version then see this thread, another guy has taken it on:

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[H] Mythics - Calm Keystones
What a great initiative! I love seeing the positive responses and updates so far.
Good luck with the Mythic+ dungeons and the community in general. :)
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[H] Mythics - Calm Keystones
Moved to the Communities forum and stickied. :)
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