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[H] Mythics - Calm Keystones
Now full feel free to join our alt community q3GLJvi7Kd

Almost 1k members! I thought maybe 50 would join, but it has been huge.

I miss the good old community in wow, the days when you had to actually talk to each other to make groups.. people needed one another.

I'm seeing a trend of people being declined for mythic+ or they list their own key and people won't join :(

I want to get a little project running where I help people gear up and get to experience mythics and mythic+. All I need is a willingness to listen and come on the ingame voice chat. Once your confidence has grown, you may feel like you have outgrown what I offer and that is fine with me.

Maybe some others here would like to also join me in reaching out to people who never get a look in?

Anyway I don't mind if you have never done a single mythic, or how long you haven't played the game.

Looking forward to meeting some new friendly, patient people!

Anna :)


Feel free to join a new community - Calm Keystones (Horde) we are cross realm :)


If you are looking for an Alliance version then see this thread, another guy has taken it on:


Really happy with how this turned out, I have met amazing people and watched them go from nervous and never doing keys to growing in confidence and taking on higher keys. Made some awesome friends too <3

Due to lack of space we are only open to characters that are 120 level
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[H] Mythics - Calm Keystones
What a great initiative! I love seeing the positive responses and updates so far.
Good luck with the Mythic+ dungeons and the community in general. :)
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[H] Mythics - Calm Keystones
Moved to the Communities forum and stickied. :)
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