8 months ago
You guys at BlizzHQ are pathetic.
They just delete threads about how !@#$ty their game is, instead of actually fixing it.

I made a forum post 3h ago and it gathered alot of attention, like 4 pages long already with people who actually feel the same way.
Then they discovered the thread, they first off changed my title which i inmidiately noticed. I edit my post to say how pathetic they are and instead of doing or working on this critism they just delete the whole thread.

Now you guys made my day, it's clear you don't give a %^-*. It's clear nobody can say anything but positive about this crap and if it's negative they just delete it.

Well done Blizztivison, you can go !@#$ yourselves now.
Community Manager
8 months ago
You guys at BlizzHQ are pathetic.
Your thread was locked, and subsequently hidden, because it descended into back and forth bickering that really isn't productive, or adding anything to the existing discussions going on right now.

We have always welcomed constructive criticism, and we understand it often comes from a place of passion.

There are plenty of active discussions right now that are critical of aspects of the game, so to say that we are suppressing them is just not true in the slightest.

However, discussions being passionate and critical doesn't excuse when they become too heated and descend into posters simply insulting each other for having conflicting opinions.

As always, the forum Code of Conduct can be found here.
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