5 months ago
Zone Chosen quest stuck
Hello guys.

I have to complete quest ''Zone Chosen'', but I already did few quests on each map in Legion, because I thought that if you have friendly with every faction you can just do missions. But now I can't do anything on the scouting map. Also I'm doing this just because missions on Argus. Do you get missions with reputations? Sorry for my bad english and thanks in advance!

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5 months ago
Zone Chosen quest stuck
Hey there Asmacut,

The 'zone' quests on the Scouting Map in your Class Hall are only so-called breadcrumb quests. They set you on your way to a new zone and quest hub.

If you have already visited each Broken Isles zone and/or quested in them (or have largely outleveled them as is the case at 120), then those breadcrumb quests won't show up anymore either. They won't stop you from completing the zone achievements though. :)

As for missions on your Class Hall board, those are picked randomly. You may see some reputation-related ones, but you can also come across Resource or Equipment ones. If you are trying to gather reputation with a specific faction then (world) questing will be the quickest way over waiting for the right missions to come along.

Good luck!
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