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Boosted Toon & Broken Shore Storyline

I have boosted this lightforged draenei with BFA boost.

Since I have decided to complete class hall quest chain to receive the mount (elek steed won't fit through any doors in game literally) I hit a wall.

I'm currently 6/15 with broken shore chapters. I have done all quests (orange marks) and lastly completed legion invasion - that leaves me at "Champions of Legionfall".

I have checked wowhead topics and it says I should be done with legion invasion (which I did) and Maeiv should have this quest next for me. But now I am standing next to her and she doesn't have any quests for me. I have gone to check if there is something going on in class hall - nada.

So I don't know what to do next. There is Cathedral of Eternal Night available on the island and nothing else as far as I see. Nothing else on Legion map with orange question mark either.

Why is this so confusing to follow and what should I do next?

Ps. Breaching achievement missing quests given by Maeiv and Illidian. They have no quest offers for me at this point.

Thanks for the help.
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Boosted Toon & Broken Shore Storyline
Hey Shakehl!

What you describe in the post here suggests you've not yet completed your Paladin's Class Hall Campaign fully. This is required to get Champions of Legionfall to unlock, as this rewards you your final Champion for the Class Hall.

If you're not sure what's next on your Class Hall campaign then our fansite might help. For example, the comments for the "A Glorious Campaign" achievement help describe the Class Campaigns for most classes including Paladins:

Good luck!
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