6 months ago
Your top 3 moments in WoW

Not restricted to any expansion or character, what were your personal top 3 moments in wow?

Mine were:

3: killing the Lich King for the first time with my guild and seeing the cutscene.
2: logging in for the first time and seeing other players in Elwynn, as my first ever mmo experience.
1: first time going through the Dark Portal and gazing over Hellfire, way back in TBC when everyone was in Outland.

6 months ago
Your top 3 moments in WoW
  1. Walking out into Elwynn Forest for the first time.

  2. The raid leader in a former guild (a hunter) disengaging off the platform during the Lich King fight. :rofl:

  3. The guild I was guild leader of for all of TBC and half of WotLK. So much banter and good times.

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