1 year ago
I was in Northrend when

So I was gonna take my lvl 60 babby panda priest to Northrend, the roof of the world. I took the wrong portal (I don’t know how) and ended up in howling fjord instead of Borean Tundra. Oh well. Got on a boat, sat on it for 5 minutes, realize the boat is a turtle and went “woaaah…”.

Halfway there, some alliance rogue was also on the boat. I had pvp flag on since I wanted the extra xp and the useful pvp talents in the outside world. I tried to keep to me, he of course starts stabbing me, I jump into the water, get on my mount, and stand on the shell of the turtle-boat. He says something in elvis, then spends the rets of the trip throwing daggers at me from the gangplank while frantically jumping up and down.
Wether he didn’t engage me directly out of respect or since he knew I could psychich scream him into the water, I will never know. We finally arrived, and he screwed off, never to be seen again.

The point of me telling you this story is to show you that you can still have funny experiences and be on an adventure even in retail. It’s what you make it.
Don’t rush and take the easy way.

1 year ago
I was in Northrend when

Not gonna lie, the entire motivation for me starting a priest was watching someone do this, while waiting for a raid in Naxxramas.

Imagine the scene if you will.

It’s raid night back during Wrath of the Lich King, your guild are all ready to go but there’s a slight problem, the other faction are camping the Summon Stone. After a well fought battle we, along with some other groups on our faction, now control the small landing area at the raid entrance.
The other faction could still get in, if they were quick and if they went straight for the portal.
A few however are still trying to put up a fight, it’s PvP after all and these things tend to take a while to die down after a good bust up get’s going. We’re holding ground pretty well though.

Then it happens, our priest arrives, and for the next few minutes none of us can sit up straight as we watch an ow so entertaining loop play out before our very eyes, which are beginning to well up with tears of laughter.
Enemy faction player flies at full speed, lands on the platform ready for a fight when they get Mind Controlled by the priest and forced to jump off Naxxramas… yeah it’s a long way down from that flying necropolis.

That night after the raid I made my priest, who still to this day I’ve not used that ability on as effectively as my old guild mate did, but one day, maybe it’ll happen :smiley:

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