6 months ago
What Covenat will your main take ?

Is clear that Alliance or Horde doesn’t really matter in the Shadowlands.
Covenants will be the “factions” . Cant wait for this !! ( maybe even some pvp …

So what would it be your main / first choice ? I’m kinda torn between Venthyr and Necrolord .

Bastion - Kyrian Covenant

  • order and power
  • souls here share burdens and seek virtue
  • Uther is here

Maldraxxus - Necrolord Covenant

  • heart of the shadow-land military might
  • survival of the fittests , and not strictly evil
  • Draka is here so far

Ardenweald - Night Fae Covenant

  • enchanted mystical forest
  • emeralds dreams dark mirror
  • place of rest and rebirth
  • Cenarius is here

Revendreth - Venthyr Covenant

  • a land of Gothic spires and dark secrets
  • prideful souls atoning for their sins
  • Kael’thas is here !!!

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6 months ago
What Covenat will your main take ?

The Venthyr and Kyrian are likely the first I’ll be checking out. I’ll have to check them out in person to make my final decision though!

Currently Ranked: Fluff