2 years ago
Hunter Tier 21 Set bonuses
i know this will be ignored like the rest of my feedback to the hunter class all expansion from alpha to now despite all being accurate and having to be changed after going live.... but anyway...

tier 21 for BM is close to useless. even if 4P reset kill command 100% it's still not worth using unless you nerf previous sets *again*. the 2p seems to just be a discount t20 4p and the thought of using 2p, 2p, 2p is fupping hilarious.

where is the interesting bonuses? *fun* and impactful changes to gameplay? actual sets that aren't basic and just a copy of a legendary. t20 changes how you play (slightly) but only in a negative way unless you're fighting long duration bosses. tier 19 was everything a tier set should be. it made the class more fun instead of sterile and weak outside of cooldowns that should naturally have high uptime.

tier 21 marks is just another level of pathetic design on top of the already terrible redesign of the spec itself.

2p is in the same place for BM... 2p is good and the only part really worth using because the 4P giving more focus isn't an issue and works negatively with patient sniper which is what MM currently tries to min max. the issue is having the focus inside the entire vulnerable debuff, not just having more focus to waste outside of them without procs.

unless the % increase remains permanently all it does is make meme spec return in full force which is again a shining example of terrible design to the class that the spec people want to play more and isn't "properly" playing the class has to be called meme spec.

the reason people and myself enjoy meme spec more is mainly because you don't have to stand still like a gimped arms warrior to dps, and you're not having to bother most of the time with vulnerable debuffs. it's somewhat the workable remnants of the good survival hunter before it became the least played in wow history.

i think meme spec is fairly fun and the only marksmanship spec that is a viable option to have fun with. trying to make the class aimed shot focused when you can't move while casting aimed shot is literally the breaking point of marks this expansion. vulnerable is tolerable but it's not fun, interesting, or unique.

i had very high hopes for tier 21 for MM to make it playable again.

i enjoy bm to what it is but would much rather play mm except in it's current, and seemingly future iterations of rng procs to marked shot and standing still to cast as a ----hunter----

if you haven't noticed.... just about no one likes the marks changes. the same with survival. if you're adamant about keeping stupid mechanics you're proud of in the game then at least make it an option for the players to get rid of needless tedium of your class fantasy which is lore terms incorrect; and that's what class fantasy is all about right?

we also noticed the very obvious marks questions ignored during the AMA when you were almost spammed by the same questions from nearly everyone who played a hunter but decided to only mention them when talking about priests.
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2 years ago
Hunter Tier 21 Set bonuses
Some changes you will see in a future PTR build:

The BM Hunter 4p has changed to Kill Command reducing the cooldown of Aspect of the Wild.

The Marksmanship Hunter 4p has changed to just be a way simpler tooltip with roughly the same value, and has swapped places with the 2p. This makes the new 2p a buff to your Focus builders, and the 4p the chance for Marked Shot to shoot a target twice.
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