2 years ago
T21 - Mistweaver 4P :(
The 2P bonus is fine, at my current mastery level that'd be a 58k shield, not big but noticeable... but man that 4P bonus is so so depressing.

It's a 15% chance to proc on a 8 second CD ability to fire a bolt of healing at someone that probably won't still have that small absorb shield from the last time you used a single target ability.

A boss fart will remove that shield, any little AoE pulse will remove that shield, the only time it won't be removed is when absolutely no damage is going out and that's a time you really couldn't care less about a healing proc.

I get that the numbers can be tuned, but it's not even really a proc chance problem (even though that is kind of low), it is more that the proc relies on a shield that probably won't even last long enough to get the proc in the first place.

Can we please get something that'll actually help us and not rely on RNG stacked on top of more RNG?

Even something like a double mastery proc on every renewing mist w/o having to have essence font up would be nice and would play into using thunder focus tea on renewing mist more often.

Or how about 4P provides a buff that gives a double mastery proc when the 2P shield is consumed or expires, maybe stacking up to 2x? This could allow any of the next single target heals cast to proc 2x gusts of mists, again without requiring essence font.

I don't know, I'm just trying to think of something that could see use more often than the proposed 4P proc.
Game Designer
2 years ago
T21 - Mistweaver 4P :(
In a future build, the Mistweaver 2p bonus will be a Heal Over Time effect instead of an absorb to allow better interaction with the 4p bonus.
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