2 years ago
T21 Disc Priest Feedback
2p is solid, good number on the cooldown reduction and the idea makes sense.

The idea behind the 4p is good, but running through scenarios in my mind, there's going to be some awkwardness in how this plays out.

1) Using both charges of PWR back to back would feel really bad, even if that's still the mathematically best approach. Please consider allowing the buff to stack up to 2 times, especially because...

2) In the current iteration, the buff to Smite is effectively worthless and should never actually be used. Math follows.

Assumptions: The most favorable position to Smite which is 10 Atonements up into 2x PWR (generally followed by Evangelism).

Two options are PWR -> Smite -> PWR -> Penance or ignoring the Smite portion and just going PWR -> PWR -> Penance

Option 1 is strictly worse on live because if the Smite is simply shifted a few GCDs later, it will do ~35% more healing (hitting 20 Atonements instead of 15 plus Sins of the Many). There is also a healing loss from delaying any DoT effects from being on the full set of Atonements by a GCD.

30% extra healing to Smite is less than the gain from Smiting some time later in the spell sequence, therefore the Smite portion would simply be ignored.

In the case of rotational stand-alone PWRs, it would always be wrong to use the buff on Smite instead of Penance.

With Castigation and 2p t20, Penance does 950% spellpower damage total (before stats and traits) while Smite is 260% spellpower damage total. A 30% increase to Penance here is 285% spellpower damage, which is more than an entire Smite cast, so unless PWR is finished casting more than a GCD before Penance is available, it is actually better to not Smite at all and sit on the GCD doing nothing until Penance is available than it is to waste the proc on Smite.

Possible Solutions:

1) Have different bonuses for each spell, for example 50% for Smite and 20% for Penance. This solution is somewhat complicated, but maintains the integrity of the set bonus.


2) Remove the Smite interaction altogether so only Penance can benefit. This is simpler, but has less added gameplay.

Personally I prefer option 1 but only if the numbers are tuned correctly.


Side note: Please reduce T20 2p to 50% extra on the first Penance bolt whenever 7.3.5 comes out before Antorus comes out. As it stands, we would be using the T20 2p for the rest of the expansion as Disc has no situational legendaries that are better than jewelry/trinket slot legendaries that go in tier slots and at 100% the T20 2p is strong enough to warrant dropping many ilvls on low budget pieces just to keep around.
Game Designer
2 years ago
T21 Disc Priest Feedback
I will remove Smite from the set bonus for simplicity sake. The next PTR build should have that change.
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