4 weeks ago
Tiffin Wrynn's Memorial Plaque Removed
Update: Blizzard will be reinstalling the plaque as it was an accident. Read on for my original conspiracy theory!

Another element is removed with no just cause given. Unless they have unknown plans, Blizzard perhaps felt that new players would not understand and think she was Anduin's queen. All they would have had to do was insert a line indicating that she was King Varian's wife, but I think it was fine as it was and would have encouraged players to look up Warcraft's rich lore. It is the small things like this and the annoyed NPC lines that make the game charming. I liked visiting her burial, but newcomers will not know the importance of the sad, unmarked tomb.

Tiffin Ellerian Wrynn
Queen of Stormwind
Fair and just, a wit as quick as her smile.
May the Light inherit your warmth, for our world grows cold in your absence.

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3 weeks ago
Tiffin Wrynn's Memorial Plaque Removed
Thanks for calling this out! I'll see if we can figure out who took the plaque.

The great plaque mystery of 2018 shall hopefully have an end.
1 week ago
Tiffin Wrynn's Memorial Plaque Removed
Finally an update to the great plaque mystery of 2018!

It looks like it was accidentally removed during the 7.3.5 update somehow but this is definitely unintentional and it should be back soonishâ„¢. No specific timeline but we'll put it back we promise.
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