1 week ago
Please stop rigging the games.
How come every single night after I win a bunch of random bgs all of a sudden my ping will spike up to 300 and make the game unplayable?

But as soon as I lose the game with 300 ping my ping all of a sudden drops back down to 33.


cant fool me

1 week ago
Please stop rigging the games.
Edit - modified the information regarding possible servers you might be connecting to. Previously LA servers were listed, which don't exist for World of Warcraft.

Hey folks,

Let's try to keep it on topic here. As for Simbaa, there are a bunch of reasons your ping might go up during matches - being put on an oceanic server is one but it shouldn't be very common. That said, we don't directly change your latency. That's determined by how efficient a route your connection is taking to and from our servers at any given time, and whether or not all the ISPs between your house and our servers can handle all the traffic they're getting at that moment.

There's a test we can use called a winMTR which will allow us to look over that connection path. Ideally what you want to do is wait for a game where your ping gets odd and run this test. If you export the information in the test and paste it in your next reply we can give it a look.

Other than that, have you tried anything to troubleshoot the ping spikes?
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5 days ago
Please stop rigging the games.
02/12/2018 12:30 AMPosted by Slain
Correcting: Latin America has no WoW servers, we are allocated on the US East server.

You're spot on on that, actually. Sorry for the mix up, I've been running through multiple forums lately and had Overwatch server structure on the mind. Latin american countries currently connect to US servers. I'll correct the original post.
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