11 months ago
You're on a time out old MVPs
Didn't take long for you to pick on the new MVPs did it?

Picking on them, cutting in front of them in line and, stealing there thunder in other post topics.

Now there's enough praise or recognition to go around for everyone. Didn't the blues teach you how to share?

Now start being nice to each other.
11 months ago
You're on a time out old MVPs
04/13/2018 09:54 AMPosted by Seger
First off it's a very rigorous process they must under go
-Must be polite
-Must be able to disassemble and reassemble a computer in the dark while dodging nerf darts shot at you by random co-workers
-You must be able to burp the alphabet
-You must score at lease 700 on the credit rating
-You must be able to eat 30 pickled eggs
-You must be able to resight ever wow lore on a whim

Who leaked the MVP requirements?
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