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Mistweaver Monk Feedback
Hi there, looking to see what fellow mistweavers think about their changes going into Beta.

I've had the alpha since it launched in the family and friends stage, but haven't had much opportunity to play with my monk.

What are your thoughts on soothing mist being a casted ability? I feel like this limits our ability to be a more traditional healer and forces us to focus more on fistweaving.

How about Effuse being removed? I'm going to try it in more dungeons soon, but I already miss having the low mana cost spot heal in Effuse.

What other changes have you noticed in the spec that you think will significantly change our gameplay?

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3 weeks ago
Mistweaver Monk Feedback
04/30/2018 09:58 AMPosted by Zephyrs
6. Using Enveloping Mist while channeling Soothing Mist with TFT active eats a TFT charge.

This shouldn't happen.

Quick note--the TFT-Enveloping buff has a new instant heal component added on beta, which you still benefit from if you TFT-Enveloping during Soothing Mist. While this loses part of the value of the buff, it's still a reasonable option to provide for when an instant heal seems important.

All that said, one concern with the current setup on beta is that TFT-Renewing might dominate the other uses of TFT too often. Some of the exact bonuses it provides may have to be adjusted once everything else settles.
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2 weeks ago
Mistweaver Monk Feedback
Teachings of Monastery not resetting Rising Sun Kick is fixed in an upcoming build.
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