8 months ago
Welcome to the WoW confessional....
This is the thread in which you may divulge any sins that you've committed during your WoW playtime. Maybe you made a rude gesture at another player, whose intentions/actions you possibly misinterpreted; or maybe you stole kills that another PvE player clearly was going for, etc.

I don't normally like the term "safe space," but I'll apply it to the intent of this thread. Consider confessing some of your less-than-stellar, in-game behavior and you just might feel a little better, a little lighter. After all, it's said that confession is good for the soul.

I shall begin with my own confession: I've spit on other characters whenever they've swooped in and blatantly grabbed (or killed) something that I was heading toward. In such cases, I likely didn't misunderstand the situation, but I regret having reacted in such an angry manner.

In my effort to improve, I now frown at characters when faced with a similar situation. If the other player won't let up on hogging all the items/NPCs, I log out to play another character, rather than allow myself to feel increasingly frustrated.

Who's next?
8 months ago
Welcome to the WoW confessional....
I left my guild for a different one right after I got my Shadowmourne.

In my defense I didn't plan it and the guild approached me after I got it. I'm still friends with the guild I left all those years ago and I still meet up with a few of them at BlizzCon every year! They still make fun of me for it.
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