9 months ago
The Void has infiltrated Blizzard.
Ythisens's avatar clearly shows him glowing slightly darker, almost taking on a "void form" if you will for a split second. Then he goes back to a regular ox.

Is he hearing the whispers of the void? Unsure. Has Blizzard been exposed to the whispers of the void? Maybe. Is something going on behind the scenes between the Void Lords and Blizzard? Definitely.

What do you think the void would do if they infiltrated Blizzard? What's their goal? Are we doomed?
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9 months ago
The Void has infiltrated Blizzard.
I'm not pointing hooves here but a certain demonic goat model was added into the game... *looks to the desk on my left at Ornyx*

06/07/2018 10:24 AMPosted by Drusillia
I believe Blizzard's ultimate goal is to unlock the secret of KFC's 12 spice recipe so they can use this knowledge to take over the world

It starts with Scary, Sporty, Baby, Ginger, and Posh... they know something I'm sure of it.
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