9 months ago
Not happy with the current ban system
Currently, blizzard ban or auto ban i have no idea, for things that doesnt go their way in the game atm. which i can understand as they have their terms and condition.

This is a post about me long time ago, which i got suspended i have no idea why, i didnt cheat or whatever. But whatever, long time ago like i said.

Recently, i got my friend totally new to WoW, bought the whole new game towards BFA pre order.

Played for 2 weeks at level 110, went to BG, he complainted to me what is this rubber banding going back to his spawn spot bug during 1 bg match.

Next thing u know, 5 minutes later he got suspended 6 months until december, good bye 60$ usd for 2 weeks. So i talked to GM, and i manage to find out that it indeed was because of BG weird thing that they accused him for cheating.

Now the thing is, we explained, appealed and they still think HE HACK, like, the account is 2 weeks old, nothing good comes from pvping and teleporting to ur own base without your own will.

Anyway, the real topic i wanna talk about which im not happy is.

Blizzard wont give reason because its to prevent hackers and cheaters from making a better bot. However, this also defeat the purpose on letting us avoid that kind of situation. or knowing what caused it. Like how do we avoid getting randomly teleporting or how do we avoid not getting ban/suspended?

its like teaching your own kid, when you beat them up or tell them their wrong, the only way to improve is by learning from mistake. How do we even improve?

The appeal said , "X DID CHEAT " upheld no doubt. like what? that just reminds of my situation long time ago. once the cop said ur guilty, ur guilty. the end.

" how do we learn to avoid something we dont even know how it happen"

2 weeks old account
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9 months ago
Not happy with the current ban system
Since this is discussing an action within the game I'm gonna go ahead and lock this.

If you feel like you've been wrongfully punished please submit an appeal to that team here. Keep in mind the CS team can only handle appeals from the actual account holder.

Also OP please do not make similar threads in multiple locations. You have an active thread in the Customer Support forum here with multiple responses already.
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