Community Manager
2 years ago
Communities: Now Available for Testing
If you haven't noticed already, we've enabled Battle for Azeroth's new Communities feature for testing in the BfA Beta!

This feature functions very similar to the Communities added to the Battle.net app last year, with some extra modifications and enhancements to make it fit the way players connect with each other in WoW. You can access Communities the same way you access your guild roster (default keybind: J).

As we're just beginning public testing of this feature, there are a few things that haven't been implemented yet, such as calendar events or the ability to queue alongside fellow Community members for things like dungeons or random battlegrounds. Additionally, there are a few bugs and issues that we're currently working to address; check out our Known Issues thread in the BfA Bug Reports forum for details.

We're very excited to have Communities open for testing and look forward to seeing how you use it and hearing your feedback. Thanks!
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