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If you could ask Ythisens anything...
...what would you want to know?

One question I'd ask is if you have any tips for keeping your cool when constantly dealing with people.
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If you could ask Ythisens anything...
07/13/2018 11:04 AMPosted by Woodspath
One question I'd ask is if you have any tips for keeping your cool when constantly dealing with people.

I assume nobody ever is saying anything with actual malice unless they're using specific words or intent to indicate so. So in my head everything I read is just super passionate. I don't look at it as "dealing with people" but more so interacting with them.

07/13/2018 11:05 AMPosted by Aelliciah
Do you prefer coffee or tea?

Sweet Tea!

07/13/2018 11:06 AMPosted by Edelodin
Thoughts on Nekrogoblikon?

Seen them play a few times. Not a particular fan but they're a solid group and I'll watch if they're playing anything I'm at.

07/13/2018 11:06 AMPosted by Zhulaa
I want to peep his characters and see how good he is, cuz he seems like he'd be pretty good at the game

I'd say I'm still pretty up there. Hopefully I get back into Cutting Edge with Battle for Azeroth. I think I have my guild lined up now so I'll actually have a set team instead of just tagging along with friends. I'm like 962 now on my main and that's with playing pretty casually.

07/13/2018 11:38 AMPosted by Jayjujayme
What is the meaning of life?


07/13/2018 11:40 AMPosted by Infernastorm
Pancakes or waffles?

Pancakes, or fluffy waffles.

07/13/2018 11:42 AMPosted by Wololoa
Why do I sometimes see dead pixels in the sky?

Where else would dead pixels go? Don't you know they all go to heaven.

07/13/2018 11:40 AMPosted by Glamlamb
Do you play dungeons and dragons?

I have! Wasn't very good at it.

07/13/2018 11:42 AMPosted by Deathstrokke
Do you prefer priests or paladins?

Paladins are the master class. This is an indisputable fact.

07/13/2018 11:46 AMPosted by Imonkyou
id ask him to not spend extra time helping a streamer when he wouldnt do that for the average person

I'll happily spend extra time explaining what our Game Masters do and why because they work hard and will always advocate for the player regardless of who they are. I might be biased because I was one but I think that is an advantage in knowing how that whole side of the company operates.

Did you know? That we have an internal program called CS4ADAY. Which allows people that don't work in CS the opportunity to hang out with a Game Master and learn how it looks on that side of the player experience. It's actually part of the Blizzard orientation and most people at the company make sure to sign up and do it once a year. Yes that also means that there are people out there in the world that have had Mike Morhaime answer your ticket, but you would have no way to ever truly know.

07/13/2018 12:08 PMPosted by Jellarie
How difficult is it for you to not yell "It's so fluffy!" every time you see Lore?

It's a struggle... some days I make it, some days I have to just try again tomorrow.
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If you could ask Ythisens anything...
07/13/2018 02:24 PMPosted by Mirasol
Never give up on your goals when it comes to working at Blizzard.

-Be passionate about what you enjoy in the game, or with your suggestions for what might make games better.
-Post on forums and social media. Pick one user name so that the Blizzard community gets to know you.
-Post on the Customer Support and Tech Support forums. It will teach you tons about the sorts of policies and issues you would need to deal with as a GM. Really they do hire GMs/CMs from forum posters.
-Be willing to move to Austin Texas or Irvine CA.
-Keep applying for jobs on Blizzard's website that you think you qualify for. It does not have to be the end job you want. Most folks at Blizz come in doing one job like QA and years later end up as a Dev or artist, etc.
-Follow the BlizzardCareers Twitter and engage in Q&A sessions they have or ask question. https://twitter.com/BlizzardCareers

This thread on the CS forum has some interviews with TS/CS type MVPs which can give you some ideas about what we do and how you might get more involved in the community. You don't need green text to help others and become well known to Blizz https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20761656168#post-1

This times 100 honestly. I love sharing my story of how I got to Blizzard because I never once expected or even planned to work here but somehow my life ended up this way. I just always made sure I was prepared for any opportunity and the stars just happened to align. My only advice that works across the board is just that and to never be discouraged, you're gonna fail and that's okay. Most people don't get in on their first try but you never know.

Start now. Not tomorrow. Now. Samwise Didier posts a phrase on everything he does, ABC, Always Be Creating. That doesn't apply to only art.

07/13/2018 02:00 PMPosted by Mikaelle
Croatia or France?

I've never watched a soccer game in full until Yesterday. I'm on the Croatia train.
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If you could ask Ythisens anything...
Sorry for the delay as I had to run off earlier when I was responding but I still wanted to answer stuff here. Have a nice weekend everyone! Good luck on finishing all your things before Tuesday!

07/13/2018 03:21 PMPosted by Woodspath
Thanks Ythiens for interacting in the thread and responding to multiple people's questions to let people be more familiar with you.

We all think you're a good CM.

And we like Yaks.


07/13/2018 04:08 PMPosted by Mingz
Are you allowed to disagree with Ion without fear of being fired?

I obviously have my opinions and weigh in when I'm asked but I'm not a designer so I don't weigh in on what I think a solution should be. If Ion asks me, I know I can tell him what I think about the game and not be worried at all. That's at least from my own criticisms and opinions about about the game.

07/13/2018 04:15 PMPosted by Myhrez
How do you determine which threads to respond to?

Experience. I've been wrong in learning the process. Still don't get it right every time but you get better.

07/13/2018 05:35 PMPosted by Kryptonia
Do you know if Battle for Azeroth will have a dev signing event in Irvine the night before release like they did for Legion? I'd really love to know but haven't found any info and if so I need to know beforehand so i can take the day off work >. < .

It's been talked about and I know we always do them but I don't know any specifics beyond that. I'll ask when we're back in the office on Monday and we'll communicate that when/if we're still doing one.

07/13/2018 05:32 PMPosted by Romanna
How do you pronounce Ythisens?


07/13/2018 05:40 PMPosted by Lilywhite
Kirk or Picard?

Darth Malgus

07/13/2018 05:46 PMPosted by Avalirina
Clicker, semi-clicker, wasd, esdf, arrow keys, no mouse, Wacom, 3 button mouse, 5 button, 12 button, dedicated game pad keyboard, all of them at once? Tell all the secrets!!! :-)

semi-clicker, wasd, mouse, 14 button mouse (12 on the thumb)

07/13/2018 05:48 PMPosted by Dokkslfar
What was / is the real purpose of bloodtotem saddle blanket?

Weren't you more comfortable the entire expansion?

07/13/2018 05:51 PMPosted by Mauerbrecher
What classes should I focus on in school if I am going for a business degree?

I feel like you could google a better answer I could give because I dropped out of college twice. Once for a previous career, second time to come work at Blizzard. Strange how that works sometimes right? Stay in school kids. I lucked out.

07/13/2018 05:57 PMPosted by Thathurts
Is it true that you really answer to a Gnome Overlord?

Technically someone in the organizational level above me does play a Gnome. So I guess yeah.

07/13/2018 06:40 PMPosted by Legionkiller
Favorite expansion?

Mists of Pandaria or TBC with the other a close second. I go back and forth on which one is my favorite. The game-play was great in MoP but I had the most fun overall experience wise in TBC because of the personal memories of the expansion. Legion or Wrath is probably third. It's honestly hard to pick sometimes between those.
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