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Hi forums,

It seems we need a dramatic negative title to draw attention so there it is...

I can't help but notice that we get more attention from Blues lately.

I feel like they got tired of the mess GD was the past few weeks so they started replying fairly often.

I honestly like it and i understand why sometimes they can't talk about certain things that are currently being fixed or talked about by Blizzard.

I worked for a video game testing company years ago and i bet they have strict rules of conduct to abide to like i had.

Though i'm quite happy to see that you guys, the blues, are increasing the replies you make. I am somehow reasured that you guys are still there and are taking care of things. Keep it up with the sense of humour.
Most of us understand.

Not easy for a player to be left in the dark when it comes to the state of a game.

Without entering in that subject because i have a totally different opinion about that but overall i just want to say and i think i will speak for a lot of people here...

Thank you.

PS: Would be gold to seal this thread with a blue ! *Wink*
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10 months ago
Clickbait title
09/07/2018 01:11 PMPosted by Sanslock
Blizz should stay away from r/wow and twitter. Focus on more direct communication and forum moderation (they've stepped up the latter for sure). They also need to keep up with the current lot of MVPs and maje sure they're held to a high standard as well.

We try our best to message to everyone but I think there is merit in looking at those platforms. We rarely officially message on Reddit. We do post some things on Twitter though because its very easy to publish information and it be scattered around faster than something on the forums does. The forums very much are something we will always continue to use as its far better for long form messaging.

We're trying to bridge the gap as much as possible, like with the sticky post and sometimes even posting here and linking it on Twitter. There is definitely value in having both as there are some players that never look at forums, and some that never look at Twitter. I think we should be accommodating that as much as we reasonably can.

09/07/2018 01:50 PMPosted by Wariya
Imo they should never comment here :)

There was a good thing to respond to pretty easily so I felt the need ;)
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