8 months ago
Please Blizz do not support wow reddit.
The moderators over at wows subreddit are very abusive.

I was permanently banned AND muted for telling a moderator i was going to report him to the admins at reddit.

All because i made a post about A wow youtuber and asked if anyone else wished they would make more world of warcraft content.

The moderator cussed at me and told me there was nothing i could do.

Why would a company like blizzard support reddit when they dont monitor their moderators and how they treat people?

And im not the only one. There is a bunch of people that have been cussed at and abused by the moderators over there as well.

The moderator that did this to me was
“Ex_iledd” this moderator is terrible.

Here is a link to the picture of our conversation and him cussing at me


Please Blizzard DO NOT SUPPORT wows reddit by having Q and As on it.


By suporting that sub reddit for wow your supporting those moderators that abuse people cuss at them and mistreat your players.

And i know blizzard doesnt stand for that type of miss treatment towards their players.
8 months ago
Please Blizz do not support wow reddit.
I get that you're upset with a Moderator on a site, however that site is not run by Blizzard nor officially affiliated in any kind.

I would suggest taking complaints about that to those who are responsible for it, in this case that would be Reddit, because it occurred on Reddit, and it is about Reddit.
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