8 months ago
How has "Add-Ons" killed this game?
There are so many add-ons for so many reasons.

One can see who dropped the train. One can use an add-on to script private messages asking about loot upgrades or anything in general.

There's add-on to organize your bags, bank, and loots.

In PVE, add-on helps to know when to move away because boss is about to do a big move ability.

In PVP, the add-ons will show who you'll be up against. For example, you know who the healers are and who is geared/not geared, who dps should focus on, who to crowd control...etc.

How has "add-ons" killed this game for you?


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8 months ago
How has "Add-Ons" killed this game?
10/04/2018 02:08 PMPosted by Snowfox
You see here in GD, everything in the set of all things, has killed WoW.

Please press F to pay respects.
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