8 months ago
OP uses hyperbolic title
From Josh Allen (AKA Lore) Twitter feed: Just FYI since I've been having to do it a lot lately: yes, I am very quick to mute or block people on Twitter. It's, in my experience, the only way to make using Twitter not be a constant slog through garbage spewed by anonymous ****bags. My mental health > your idiotic ranting.

Then he says:

(this is also part of why I don't use my personal Twitter as a platform for collecting game feedback, incidentally)

I'll meet him half-way - I don't actually disagree with some of that, but being a WoW CM and then tying this kind of tweet from your personal account and clearly specifying it's about the WoW Community...

... ho lordie.

Is this what Blizzard meant by "Improved Communication?"
8 months ago
OP uses hyperbolic title
If you think the tweet was about you then maybe you should evaluate if you're doing that behavior or not. If you read the tweet and think "Wow people do that? That's awful", then you probably weren't who he was talking about. That tweet isn't about the WoW community, its a vocal minority using Twitter who are toxic and awful. People that specifically tweet at him with anonymous accounts. It's easy to ignore (you'd be amazed at the things people say to us that literally nothing bothers you as a CM) but it fills up your mentions with garbage and it gets annoying because it makes it hard to use.

I don't know how this is news, I do the same thing like almost everyone else in this industry that has a Twitter. If someone angrily tweets at me stuff about the game that isn't remotely constructive or just attacks me, I block you too. I like being social with the community, same as Lore. However, it gets to a point when people are spewing things at you just because you're reachable rather than actually trying to engage with you as a person about the game we both love.

Let's not make click-bait threads that are taking things from a personal Twitter account out of context for what they actually are. Locking for obvious reasons.
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