8 months ago
In game marriage ruined due to warmode griefers.
A friend of mine was getting married and we decided hold his wedding in game with warmode on at the horde shrine in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. We announced the event just a bit in chat over some discords and in one post on the forums and got a number of people to show up. Now a little bit into the wedding, this 40 man alliance raid showed up and started killing everyone while having the whole thing live streamed. Now my friend is really into PvP which is why we had warmode on, but we were also on RP servers. I wondered if this is reportable and if blizzard could possibly have some tighter rules for people interrupting RP events within those who are on RP shards? Stuff like this makes you lose faith in humanity and shouldn't be happening.
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8 months ago
In game marriage ruined due to warmode griefers.
10/04/2018 10:07 AMPosted by Sezy
This really reminded me of when Serenity Now bombed that in-game funeral the Horde were holding in Winterspring. But at least that was a pvp server and you couldn't really "turn off" pvp in a contested zone.

This is where my mind went too.

I know its a little frustrating if you're on the receiving end but these stories are what make this one of the best games. Being able to organize a lovely event for you and your community, to then have it crashed by your server mates on the other faction.

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