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Voices you recognize in WoW from other media such as movies, games, etc

Wondering if there are any voices you guys recognize in the game from other media? Or are there voices you were surprised to find out who did them?

The only one that sticks out is Michael Bell who does Medivh’s voice and also did Raziel’s voice in the Soulreaver games. Loved those games and his voice was amazing and perfect for Raziel. He also has done a crap ton of other cartoons and games that I know his voice from.

There’s a dwarf in WoW that sounds like Dwalin from The Hobbit movies but I looked up the actor that played him, Graham McTavish , and he doesn’t have any WoW credits so someone sounds just like him to me in-game.

I was amazed how many stars I know but didn’t recognize their voices in-game.

  • Martin Sheen voices Nozdormu / Murozond. Did not know that he voiced anyone but I know him from movies and as father to Charlie and Emilio.
  • Earl Boen voices Terenas Menethil / Narrator. He does the intro to races amazingly and reminds me of the Elder God from Soulreaver Tony Jay. I know him from the Terminator and other movies.
  • Jim Pirri voices Nathanos Blightcaller. Know him from a Friends episode where he says binky boy in a foreign accent.
  • Alex Désert voices Bwonsamdi. I know him from Becker as the blind guy even though I never watched the show.
  • Mark Addy voices Daelin Proudmoore. I know him from a Knight’s Tale and Game of Thrones.
  • Keone Young voices Chen Stormstout. I know his face and probably know him from SOA.
  • Tony Amendola voices Khadgar. I know his face from movies and T.V. series.

I found some faces to here `

7 months ago
Voices you recognize in WoW from other media such as movies, games, etc

For me it’s Jim Pirri. I feel like I come across his voice everywhere.

And for some reason, he always sounds more like Star Augur Etraeus to me (than Nathanos).

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