4 months ago
Faction change/Ready for War

Did blizz change it to where ready for war also carried over when you faction changed.I remember seeing in a blue post that only 7th legion/honorbound rep would as far as progress for allied races.The only reason i ask is last night i faction changed horde to alliance just to unlock Dark Iron i already had reputation at exalted but when i finally logged in it gave me Ready for War achievement and i could right away do the quest for Dark Iron Dwarfs which i did and i have not done a single quest on alliance side since faction changing just that quest line.

2 months ago
Faction change/Ready for War

I believe it’s what others said, the faction is what carries over but you’ll need to do the quests. On the plus side if the faction is exalted there is no “wait until you are higher reputation” and you can blaze through the quest lines.

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