6 months ago
Uhhhh hey why do the new heirloom

Upgrades cost so much??? Like I understand blizzard wants to get rid of all of our gold so we are forced to buy tokens. But isnt this a bit much???

Battle-hardened Heiloom armor casing will cost 15k each There are 8 armor slots in game. Thsi comes out to 120k gold to upgrade 1! thats right ONE toons heirlooms to max.

Battles Hardened Heirloom Scabbard
will cost 22.5k each if you use a 1 hand and a shield you will pay 45k for those to be upgraded

in total you will now be paying 145k for a full set of armor to upgrade your heirlooms to 120. This is more than a price of a token

Its not even jokingly in line with past price increases, much less a massive ilvl increase from the old gear. Can we stop seeing trash like this to rob us of our gold?

It now will cost people more than the price of a wow token to upgrade all their armor slots?? We are to believe that this is ok?

We have seen this practice of ripping players gold away all expansion so far. From 5m gold mount, 333k mounts, half mil pets, repairs cositng 500-800g, transmog costing 500-1000g, 2k/5k bonus roll costs, and now herilooms costing 15/22k per item. Please guys do not buy tokens. This practice will only continue and ever forward if we keep falling prey to these sneaky practices.

Edit: Look slike the prices have now been adjusted. It would appear that the community outcry was enough for a major change
The new prices are as such 5k per armor token and 7.5k per token for weapons

6 months ago
Uhhhh hey why do the new heirloom

As the prices have been adjusted, I’m closing this thread to ensure pricing discussions are on the proper amounts.

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