6 months ago
Regeneratin' working as intended?

A couple of days ago I tested out Regeneratin’ against various abilities that stop damage. Some results seem unintended.

  1. You can use Regeneratin’ while in Divine Shield, even when being attacked.
  2. You can’t use it while Touch of Karma is preventing damage.
  3. You can’t use it while an Absorption Shield is preventing damage.
  4. You can’t use it during Aspect of the Turtle. You’re pacified, even though it isn’t an attack.
  5. Brewmaster Stagger breaks Regeneratin’.

The last four abilities seem to not be working as intended. The racial is supposed to break when you take damage, and TOK and Absorbs prevent you from taking damage, but Regeneratin’s channel is still breaking. Brewmaster Stagger shouldn’t break Regeneratin’ as its a passive survivability mechanic for the spec. Aspect of the Turtle shouldn’t prevent the use of Regeneratin’ because it’s only supposed to prevent the Hunter from attacking, and Regeneratin’ isn’t an attack.

(P.S. Please just remove the breaks-on-damage component of Regeneratin’ and nerf the healing/cd so classes with no-to-little ability to remove DoTs or fully prevent damage (Like Warriors) can use this racial in PvP. Right now the only dependable in-combat use of this ability is Divine Shield and Bleeds screw Zandalari because virtually no abilities can remove Bleeds.)

6 months ago
Regeneratin' working as intended?

Thanks for the feedback!

We’re continuing to work on this ability. However, there don’t appear to be any changes to it in the immediate next new PTR build (coming very soon this week).

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