Class Changes

You can find these at MMOC later in the day. The data so far indicates Firelands being pushed back yet again and more daily and group questing zones added. These will likely include guild quests by release, adding yet another way to earn guild reputation outside of raiding. Many of these quests take place on and underwater with more vehicle interaction than in previous daily quest zones.

Achievement Changes

  • Many achievements are now visible account wide on the new Account tab of the Achievements interface. These may become Battle.net account wide in the future.

Shattered Oasis

  • Doctor, Who Am I? - Complete the Doctor Dennant Tavid quest line, up to and including What an Ood situation.
  • Diamonds All the Way Down - Defeat Maisah Iustafa before running out of air in the Forsaken Harbor.
  • Boating Frenzy - Complete 200 Daily Quests in the Shattered Oasis.
  • We've Got This, Right? - Escape Herobrine in under three minutes.
  • That's a Nice S-s-s-sub You Have There - Avoid the underwater mines while completing the Race for Nautilus.

Misc Changes

  • A new Archaeology tanking weapon has been added.
  • SELECT_FOR_GROUP_TRANSFER = 'Select character for Transfer Group'; (Likely a new type of paid service allowing transfer of multiple characters for one fee)
  • RANDOM_BATTLEGROUND_SAME_FACTION = 'Queue for a Random Battleground against members of your own Faction';
  • Many epic quality "Bind on Pickup" items are now labeled as "Battle.net Account Bound", meaning that they can also be traded or mailed to characters that are on different World of Warcraft accounts under the same Battle.net account.

Shattered Oasis - Forsaken Harbor

Thanks to supora for providing this footage.

Shattered Oasis - Ratchet Slums

Thanks to bonklenocho for providing this footage.

Archaeology - Neruebian Artifact

Thanks to goshujinsama.


Even though Firelands was delayed, another art asset was added. (Thanks to bloomfalls)

Lordaeron Cutscene

Only one part of the cutscene video was included, but it looks great! (Thanks to Pinkhair)

Goblin Flying Mount

Last but not least, Goblins got a new Flying mount! (Thanks to Pinkhair)

Written by Michael 'chaud'
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1 decade ago
was this actually an april fools or not? looks so damn real^^
1 decade ago
It was indeed an April Fools!

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