Romance in WoW

The NYT has another fluff piece about WoW, this time looking at a few relationships that come out of the game. They manage to get Prince Malchezaar's eye color wrong, but it is still a decent piece. Has an interesting point as well,

"More than 40 percent of online gamers are women, and adult women are among the industry’s fastest growing demographics, representing 33 percent of the game-playing population — a larger portion than boys 17 and younger, who make up 20 percent, according to the Entertainment Software Association, an industry group. "

I guess it ensures you have at least one thing in common with the other person! The press hasn't been all good lately however, some illegal romance almost took place...

"Alex Trowell wouldn't take no for an answer. In December, police say he climbed in car and started driving from his house near Boise to a 12-year-old girl's house in New Mexico who he'd met online while playing World of Warcraft."


I added a search feature to the blue post tracker, still tweaking the results order. I may get around to adding some filtering by forum, blue poster, expansion, etc eventually, just pressed for time right now.

Written by Michael 'chaud'
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