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"Blood Elf" models...?
Hi Blizzard. Forgive where I've located this thread, I couldn't find any suitable location for it.

I know you guys are super busy with everything going on, but those of us who play Blood Elves had to wait several extra months for our models, and they were still released in what feels(to me) like an unfinished state. I'm afraid that these new models just haven't quite met the quality of what had the potential to be otherwise outstanding models, and at the moment are sitting somewhere between 'bad' and "I look like a <censored> horse ape"(Courtesy quote of a friend of mine)

1. Male Blood Elf faces are just simply not good at all, which is a great disappointment since the Artcraft's face and feature balance was perfect. They're now too heavy and square, with massive chins, and they now look more Human than Elven. There is no variation in their lip shape, which is an odd, thin-lipped duckface/kittylip (:3) sort of thing. The youthful faces were given deep nosalabial lines which age them considerably, and nearly all of the faces now look almost identical. I cannot tell which face is supposed to be which, and all my guys look almost the same with the exception of Skin/hair colour.

2. Female Blood Elves carry the same problem of looking almost identical across all of their face selections, and with the new added lines, and stance, what was once my Elven beauty is now my stern, unhappy, aging Elven horror. With what seems to be a reduced overall range of skin tone, and an extremely narrow choice of faces to pick from, I can't help that Blood Elves have lost the one thing that made them enjoyable to play, and that is despite it all, they were beautiful, with a number of faces to pick from carrying emotions from Stern, to cute. However now I can only see Angry and miserable.

3. The male's run cycle is stiff, awkward, and stompy. It was never perfect, but I have found this is a problem universal amongst all of the new models, and not just Blood Elves, but these runs no longer carry any aspect of being 'smooth' rather than an obvious and badly tuned cycle.

4. The permanent head tilt on female models is disconcerting. It changes the feel and attitude of the model drastically, from what was a proud and somewhat regal stance to one that seems more fit for a pissy teenage girl.

5. Female casting models are... Very interesting. I'm not sure she is supposed to bend that way.

6. Male models still have massive amounts of clipping and odd twisting in their models and animations.

7. The ruby earrings are all gone, every single option now has emeralds. The hoop earrings were also reduced in size by approximately 40% which is unfortunate for those of us who rather liked the large hoops.

8. I just can't help but feel that the Blood Elves, from their once 'forever youthful' complections have been aged into moody, antisocial, self loving horrors. I'm afraid, Blizzard, I can't provide very much compliments here, because I'm afraid I do not see Blood Elves in front of me anymore, but some strange hybrid between a human and a witch. They're, in my opinion, highly unattractive. And for a race that is renowned to be one of the most attractive in all of Azeroth, I think that to let these models into the game would be more of an offence to your art team and player community, than a favour.

Unfortunately, for the reasons stated above, and many more reasons, I will be changing back to the old models after this thread is complete.
I have, several times, submitted a request allowing me to change only the Blood Elf models back to old, or to specifically select which models I view as old models, however, months later I have received no reply. I'm afraid 'busy' only works for so long before it is seen as 'ignorant'.

Please, make Blood Elves youthful and beautiful again, and not whatever this aged face of pain and disgust is in front of me.

I hate to admit that I have not yet seen one person whom is happy with these models. And for you to leave them like this after such a negative response from the community, would be a clear message to us all how important your players are to you.

Please just take some things into account. We waited a really long time for these models, and we had very high hopes for what was to come from your teams. But I'm afraid, nobody I have come across yet is impressed. Content, maybe. But not pleased.
After waiting so long for these models, please, give us something respectable. Something that would do both your community, and your team, a favour.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

This is both a plead for change, and a petition to make our Blood Elves beautiful again.
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6 years ago
"Blood Elf" models...?
I just want to thank those of you who continue to take the time to give their constructive comments on the models. We are listening, and we really do appreciate your honest thoughts. I've seen many posts which go into great detail about particular issues or aspects, and those are very helpful.
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"Blood Elf" models...?
11/03/2015 09:19Posted by Fishpie
The feedback was gathered? i'm not sure about that. "my weapons are far too big!" was said about 5 billion times and they still went forward with it. the smug expressions are still there and the terrible run animations are still there.

Weapon size is a divided topic for sure. We saw lots of feedback before the models changed that weapons were too small. I think we adjusted weapon size back and forth during testing to hit a spot that most people were happy with, but I know some of you'd still prefer something smaller.
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"Blood Elf" models...?
Folks, please be aware of the creation date of a thread when you reply to it. It is very unlikely for the discussion to continue in a meaningful way if many months pass between posts being made.

Closing this one down to avoid further mishaps, please feel free to create a new discussion thread on the topic!
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