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Max camera distance nerf in Legion
I've been playing the game since SoO hit live. I didn't get to experience things that people experienced while playing through the content prior to patch 5.4. A bunch of those people say the game is now made for casuals, that it's too convenient and easy. Every time I heard some wow veteran say that with resentment towards what the game had become I thought to myself "meh, he's totally over exaggerating". I didn't understand where did the hate come from until last night...... last night was the first time I felt hatered towards this game.

The main reason I play this game is because of raiding. Ever since I stepped into my first normal SoO raid I knew that this is what I want to do and never stop. To be fair I seriously started raiding when WoD hit live and by far I got into an amazing guild, we are 419th in the world, the atmosphere is great and i luv hanging out with these ppl in game.

I also thought that I would never get burned out of constant raidng both on my main and my alts but i was wrong. Well... i wouldn't be wrong if they hadn't decided to nerf the max camera distance.

Last night we had our ussual mythic clear and towards the end of it i have been constantly asking myself: "when will this be over?" I couldn't stand playing as a melee anymore. So without further ado here are all of the problems that arise from this cam nerf. Since it's my first thread ever, i'll try to use mild language even though i don't want to. Here we go:

1. "This is one of this changes that we realize will be intensely unpopular with the group of players that has used console/WTF CVars to increase camera zoom beyond what the UI slider permits. For everyone else, they probably won't see what the big deal is, since it's removing a hidden option that most never used."

Most people already know this was said by Ion Hazzikostas, a.k.a. Watcherdev. However, there was a poll on mmo champion which gave us a good insight about how many people don't agree with this change. And it turns out this "group" of players as Ion calls them is roughy 73% of their loyal and serious playerbase and "everyone else" are in those leftover 27%.

2. Ion said sth about competitive advantage, but to be serious we all know his statement is ridiculous. Previous camera distance gave no advantage to anyone because every single person who is serious about this game in any aspect already had it maxed out more then the game allowed it. (Also, if you don't want to have players that are in the disadvatage...put the zoomout all of us used in the actual game interface so every1 can take advatage of it thus resulting in no1 being "disadvanaged" that's the word)

3. This one should be taken very, VERY seriously. Since tuesday there is more and more feedback indicating that the new camera distance is causing health problems. Especially during the raids. Players are experiencing dizzyness, headaches, vertigo, motion sickness etc. I don't know about you but I don't want to pay a subscription for a game that causes health problems. It just goes to show how low this game has fallen.

4. As you can see, I'm maining a dps warrior and I can safely say that playing a melee in a raid with the new cam distance is no more, no less but painful. I have no overview of the room. I can't call out things because I cant even see what's going on around me properly. Most of the time I'm staring at the "waist" of a boss and can't see his model properly which i want to see.

5. If your raid leader is a melee, this will undoubtedly make his job almost impossible as he can't see the enviroment properly, therefore not be able to call things out, therefore resulting in unnecessary wipes.

6. This is just a side one but imagine how stupid the world 1st kill videos will look if they have melee PoV in them. It will be just some flashy colors on the screen, a giant boss' belly and no one will even get what's going on.

7. A simple reason why this should be reverted: People HATE it... and if blizz later says that more ppl like it then hate it i'm gonna jump out my goddam window.

8. People who are experiencing health problems that arise with this cam nerf are literally quitting the game. So it can be said that this decison actually lost them some customers which is apsurd in every single way since it is such a simple yet horrible change which can also so simply be reverted.

9. Raiders can agree this a slap in the face and that in a way ruins raiding experience as we know it. (hope Ion realises that once he's in his raid)

10. The new cam distance nerf more then anything removes the freedom of CHOICE. Before i could choose how I want to play. Right now I am FORCED to this type of gameplay if I want to stay competitive in raiding throughout legion.

So, in conclusion, this is a horrible move for blizzard. And just when we thought legion will be a badass expansion which wont have as nearly as many problems as WoD had, we get stabbed in the back with this ABSOLUTELY unnecessary decision. It's just silly that they are focusing on these things while they could focus that energy into something actually useful that in the same time won't hurt the community and the game.

I hope that with this thread i pointed out why this thing shouldn't at all cost make it to Legion release. To be perfectly honest I'm confident enough to say this problem is bigger then flying situation was.

At the end I want to direct following words to blizzard directly:
What the hell is wrong with you? Introducing such pointless and useless change into the game. This decision of yours is literally causing people health issues. Your customers, your loyal playerbase that is paying every month for this game now has to deal with things like motion sickness and vertigos. That's by all means simply "messed up" (I rly wanted to use another term there, but still trying to keep nice language)

All you have to do is revert this and we can all go back and wait Legion with excitment. The game has been alive and evolving ever since people first started using this console/WTF CVars. Years and years have passed by and we all enjoyed it. Please let those 73% of players go back to playing the game as they did in the past and the rest 27% won't care since they obviously didn't care till now. If they did, they could've just typed sth along the lines of "wow increase max camera zoom-out" in google and join all of us in the majority.

Also, for the end, a rethorical question for you blizz:
Haven't you had enough of problems and hate during WoD. Do you REALLY think this is a step in the right direction? Can you AFFORD to mess up this expansion aswell?

Your dedicated playerbase knows the answer to every quesion above.

5 years ago
Max camera distance nerf in Legion
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