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The Decline In GM Customer Service
Hey I am aware that I may get flamed for this post!
Back when wow was launched I found the Game Master Service to be incredible the response times and the care and genuine thought that felt went into your support issue. I found that this was the case with the vast Majority or game masters I encountered up to around the end of wraith.
And i simply do not understand how the quality of the service can dramatically change so much in the short time since those expansions. I can only presume that as the game has become less popular blizzard either have a smaller budget for their support staff or simply care less.
I will give 2 or 3 small examples that I believe show a dramatic fall in the quality of service that we as paying customers receive.

1. Not Last week a blizzard Game Master Told me Fact that it was impossible for them to appear in game anymore! The next link clearly disproves this and makes me wonder at the reason for this blatant lie https://eu.battle.net/support/en/article/200527

2. RP enforcement- Now i know this does not apply for everyone but I have an easy comparison here to make. During TBC I had an enforced Name change because I was reported for having a UN RP name now as ravenholdt was an RP PVP server I can see why names such as "Tangoguy" aren’t rp at all, I’m not complaining about having to change a name but in stark contrast, today you get monks across many RP servers that find it amusing to call them self's Bater ( Grand Master Bater) and nothing happens! It would appear that your name no longer is required to be RP on an RP Realm. Which brings me to my next point

3. Wanting to change the name of your guild (Good Luck)
So recently I have been told that i may not use certain guild names on my server this lead me to do some digging the guild name my guild wanted was "SuperNova" we were told that we couldn't have this because it wasn't RP so I’d just thought I’d also take the time to point out to blizzard some of my other Guild names that I’d like the clarification on how they are RP all the following guild names are from RP servers : .
<Your mom in a box>
<Urinal Cake>
Clearly these names bare even less relevance to the game than SuperNova and as such I find it ironic that they are allowed to persist whilst the name we wanted, was thererfore according to the GM considered to be un RP and therefore banned on our server.
Now i take 2 issues with this one blizzard would not send said list because apparently it was too long, now as we are not using floppy drives anymore and emails can hold more info than ever what kind of excuse it this. And two Argent Dawn another RP server currently has a guild called SuperNova, so my question is, how can the guild name be banned on one RP server for being un RP and allowed on another RP server. I simply do not see the issue and feel the response from the GM regarding this issue was more of an excuse to close the ticket rather than the considered and measured response that I had come to expect from blizzards customer support department
Many thanks for reading my post like i said this is just my experience of how GM services have changed over the years have a good day guys
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4 years ago
The Decline In GM Customer Service
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