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New expansions and the real collector's edition

This morning I stood among a lot of players in Orgrimmar, looking at the new Highmountain tauren race and other new stuff. They where preparing for the new quests and gathered around Sylvanas.
I was also there.....but...heres the story ;

I'm playing WoW since Beta and I love the game, ever since the release I've been buying collector's editions. I have them all ! I like the art, the music, the ingame items also offcourse, but most of all the fact that I collect something from the most awsome MMO still.

The last few years they introduced the online pre order, you buy the game online and the goodies or a quest are giving directly.
Maybe you allready see where I'm going with this......Because I want the REAL version I have to wait till around the 21th september. Till then I cant to anything :/
And NO, I'm not going to buy two editions or a normal one , because I have money for one edition, just saying :)

Is there anything you guys at Blizzard can do for the die hard fans who want a real box?
Like a pre order code in the stores, sending a box to the store of preorder if you payed for it allready? There must be a simple solution for this.
Because I feel a little sad every year a big new expansion is released :(
And maybe there are more just like me, or who are buying two editions because there is no other way...its sad :/

And this is no trolling, drama or anything, just asking for a solution, thank you in advance !

3 years ago
New expansions and the real collector's edition
Hey Winny,

We do not have any information available on this at the moment, so I don't have an answer for you either. If information does become available though, it will be posted on the website.
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Customer Service
3 years ago
New expansions and the real collector's edition
01/02/2018 09:37Posted by Kairos
If we keep posting feedback, mayabe Blizzard will listen and respond in time

As Nenyasqi already said in this thread, this isn't something customer support would be able to answer, nor would we be the ones posting any updates or news about it.

Please keep an eye out on the main web page and follow the game's official Twitter channel for news and updates.

As there's nothing else we can add here, I'm locking this thread.

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