3 years ago
Appeal against Silence/Mute rejected unfairly
Your chat and mail privileges have been temporarily suspended pending Game Master review.

My appeal got rejected unfairly, I can't reopen the ticket as the GM's forcefully marked it as "solved"....

This incident took place like 10 minutes before server-restart wednesday early mornings, which agitated the players so they took it out on a random call in trade channel: "reported" "report him" which got my full account muted for a day long.

All I am saying is that the GM's should also look at circumstances. It's easy to gather a agitated crowd in the trade-channel, players who are just waiting to get forced-log off for a scheduled realm-restart to have some trollin-fest in mass-reporting someone. All just to trigger the auto-mute system from Blizzard.
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Customer Service
3 years ago
Appeal against Silence/Mute rejected unfairly
Hello Cowardrogue,

If you believe the issue isn't resolved, you can open a new ticket. However, please keep in mind if you're told the decision stands, it's likely you will also be asked not to submit more tickets about the same issue.

Regardless of the outcome, this isn't something we can help you with via the forums, so I'm locking this thread.

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