5 years ago
Various dungeon loot bugs:
Just a couple of loot-related bugs I've noticed while spamming the heck out of dungeons:

1. All gear looted from a dungeon increases in iLvl as the player increases their character's level.

For example, an item I looted at level 100 had an item level of 705. I was able to equip it, so I did. When I reached level 101, that item was now item level 716. Pretty sure items' item levels should be fixed at the time they are looted :)

2. Bind on Pickup gear from dungeons, no matter its iLvl, requires level 110 to equip, instead of being equippable by characters when they obtain them. So for example, a BoP/boss drop at level 100 has the item level 705, but my level 100 character cannot equip it.

BoE items work properly, however.

3. Relics that drop from dungeon bosses have "Requires level 110" text on their tooltip, but *can* be socketed into artifact weapons regardless of the player's character level. These relics do function properly once socketed.
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Game Designer
5 years ago
Various dungeon loot bugs:
Thanks for the reports-- a lot of these are data bugs with missing or incomplete bonus lists, so these items will not repair themselves in the field. We'll fix it for future items in the next build (the relic bug may take longer).
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