5 years ago
Killing Spree and Outlaw/Assassination
Hey guys, rogue veteran here. Really dig most changes, but I have one suggestion here.

Killing Spree doesn’t seem to fit Outlaw's new pirate theme anymore, and they already have 2 CDs with AR and KS. I think Killing Spree makes more sense now for Assassination, and it might be able to solve one of the mechanical issues they, at least to me, seem to have.

That issue is there is no AOE finisher.

I’m suggesting that Killing Spree be moved to Assassination as a 5pt AOE finisher. Not on a CD. As it stands right now, Assassination can build CPs with FoK but really has nothing for AOE it’s building up to, it can only tab-Rupture or throw out an Envenom for the poison buff.

I think it would be cool if this was killing spree was for Assassination:

5 combo points 50 energy. Killing Spree works and looks exactly as it used to be (because it has always been as cool as hell), but strikes every target (within a range) currently afflicted by your Lethal Poison.
Game Designer
5 years ago
Killing Spree and Outlaw/Assassination
Please post this feedback in the Assassination thread.
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